Skipper’s Seafood and Chowder House in Boise Offers Sunday Seafood Special

Fish, Chips, Clam Strips and Cole SlawSometime’s on a Sunday you’re just hungry for some seafood. Skipper’s Seafood and Chowder House has an answer to that—an All-You-Can-Eat Sunday seafood special. Their Chowder, Clams, Fish and Chips (and cole slaw too) is a good value, giving a nice variety of cooked to order items. Their $12.99 special is perfect for a Sunday when you want quality food in a casual atmosphere. Service is simple, you order and pay at the counter and then they bring your food to the table. A plus is that someone is always coming around to check if you want seconds (or thirds and fourths) on any of the AYCE items. Service at Skipper’s was attentive, with smiling faces and helpful staff.

Skipper’s Clam Chowder was tasty, mild and with plenty of clam pieces and potatoes. The soup itself was thick, yet without that floury taste that many clam chowders have. The bowl size was good, but it was easy to see why a lot of people might opt for a second bowl of the tasty chowder.

The fried items are fried to order and delivered to the table immediately. The fish was decent, a couple of nice filets of pollack in a batter that wasn’t overly thick. The pollack is a nice, mild fish and was complemented nicely by either the cocktail sauce, tartar sauce or choice of vinegars. The vinegar choices are a standard malted vinegar, the traditional one for fish and chips, or Skipper’s own garlice vinegar. This was brought to the table with the meal and the server mentioned that it was specially made from their original 1970 base. The vinegar was mild and went nicely with the hot battered fish.

The clam strips were undistinguished but still nice and hot. They went nicely with the cocktail sauce, adding just the zing that they needed. The fries were crisp and well done, still soft on the inside. The cole slaw too was decent, unexciting but a nice bit of cooling from the hot seafood and fries. Overall, the meal was good and certainly filling.

Powderhaus Bent Shaft AleThe beverage choices at Skipper’s Chowder and Seafood House were excellent. Besides the usual fountain drinks, there were bottled drinks such as Henry’s Weinhard’s Draught-style Root Beer. This was a very good root beer, a far cry from those canned and fountain-machine root beers. On the alcoholic side, there are many choices of bottled beer, domestic, imported and craft beers too. A nice local beer was the Powderhaus Imperial Pale Ale. The Bent Shaft beer was delicious, not bitter and with a slight citrusy touch to it. Skipper’s has Powderhaus’ Bent Shaft in both small and large bottles. Like the root beer, a frosty mug is brought to the table for the beer to be poured into. Wine is also available at the Boise Skipper’s.

Skipper’s does have a regular menu also on Sundays. Items such as fish and chips, beer-battered cod, salmon, scallops, halibut, oysters and shrimp are on the every-day menu. Chicken strips are available for the non-seafood eater, while salads and grilled salmon are available as alternatives to the fried fare. Overall, Skipper’s makes a nice place to go for a simple seafood meal, cooked fresh to order and served immediately. And if you’re really hungry, the AYCE special is a Sunday treat.

Skippers Seafood n Chowder Boise

5588 W Fairview Ave
Telephone: (208) 906-3710


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