Fall Is In The Air In Boise


Fall is in the air in Boise and it's a great time for a peaceful walk on the Greenbelt near Boise State..

Fall is in the air in Boise. Trees are showing their fall colors, browns, golds, yellows and reds replacing the summer green along the Greenbelt. The air is crisp and jackets are coming out. It’s a wonderful start to the season.

Boise from the Train Depot on the Bench

Boise’s hills provide a matching backdrop to the city’s autumn scenery from the Train Depot in the Boise Bench.

Roses in Julia Davis Park

Fall flowers at Julia Davis Park provide some brightness to the often dreary autumn sky.

Entrance to the Engineering Building at Boise State

The rain has begun, providing a nice reflective area for the tree’s fall coloring at Boise State.

A lake on the Greenbelt near Boise State

The ducks on the lake the Greenbelt near Boise State don’t care about the colors, they just enjoy the tranquil water.

Fall is in the air in Boise and it’s a wonderful time of year.

All photos by Terry Welch.

About Terry Welch

Terry is the man-about-town, always finding interesting things in and around Boise for himself and his camera. His photographic work can be seen at his website, www.terrancewelch.com.
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