Patti Jo’s Country: Sin Out Loud by Idaho Charley

Idaho CharleyThe song this week is Sin Out Loud, by Idaho Charley.

A skillfully played gentle acoustic guitar opens this Country song performed live. 

Idaho Charley’s sweet voice begins: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, Sin. Sin out loud.” 

I remember something I once read: The word “sin” is an archery term that meant to miss the mark. For me this definition is appropriate to the theme. I keep it in mind as I listen and am moved. 

The pleasant voice continues, lyrics giving a foundation to the theme:

Daddy raised me up the old way, the way it always had been done;

Then there came along a new way – no more Fathers, no more sons.

Mama cooked and mama growed things; She made her own dress up by hand;

Then there came along a new age – Sisters lost, and never found; 

See all the people runnin’ ‘round – All the people – What’s goin’ down?”

See all the people livin’ in clouds – No religion – Just sin out loud.”

This Country-Folk song touches our hearts as it reminds us of our past, our heritage, our American roots. It is a song of the common man of simple beginnings who wonders at the world missing the mark, a world loudly calling anything traditional from our history to our Flag to standing for the National Anthem foul. 

A hopeful realization begs the question: “Ain’t it good to live as free men?

Then cynically: “Yeah, it’s so easy to pretend; Our government has all but spent, not to worry there’s more money we can print.”

Then, true to the theme, strength and realization: “All the people – the numbers are strong. And all the people can’t all be wrong.”

Sin Out Loud is an insightful song that presents the thought and concern of the Common Man and Woman, presented with heartfelt simplicity featuring Idaho Charley and his guitar, which is, perfect for this song that reminds the Listener that those who are loudly protesting our great American heritage: Sin out loud.

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