Fujiyama Japanese Sushi House Opens New Location In Meridian

Sushi Boat Combo at Fujiyama Japanese Sushi House

Fujiyama Japanese Sushi House has opened its second location in Meridian. Fujiyama, which as gained an excellent following at their Milwaukee Street Location in Boise, is now bringing the same sushi and dinner entrees to the Meridian location on Fairview Avenue. Two weeks old now, the restaurant is beautiful when you walk in. The large sushi bar is to the right, along with booths for dining in the bar. To the left are dining rooms for dinners and hibachi dinners. The open feeling is very comfortable and makes Fujiyama a great place to relax and enjoy fine Japanese cuisine.

Hirame sushiThe sushi at Fujiyama was excellent. The fish and shellfish were very fresh and expertly presented. My tuna sushi was tender and flavorful and the saba (mackerel) delicate. The hirame (halibut) and hokkagai (red clam)were plated beautifully and full of fresh flavor. One of my favorites, a dish called ama ebi (sweet shrimp) was served in two parts—-first the raw shrimp tails and then the deep-fried shrimp heads. It is a dish you have to be brave to try the first time, but the flavors are great and the crunchy shrimp heads a delight to eat.

Linda Roll at Fujiyama Japanese Sushi House closeupSitting at the sushi bar, I got to see several impressive dishes get created. The Linda Roll, with spicy shrimp, snow crab and green onion, was topped with eel sauce and spicy mayo as well as tempura crunch and tobiko (flying fish eggs). It looked absolutely gorgeous and delicious too. A Sushi Boat Combo was a work of art, with sashimi, sushi and rolls in a wooden boat. The combos are an excellent way for a large table to share at Fujiyama Japanese Sushi House.

Hot sake at Fujiyama

After only two weeks, it is too early to give Fujiyama a proper review, but they certainly look like they are off to a good start. If their dinner entrees such as tempura and teriyaki, the don buri rice bowls, salads and their nabe and ramen soups are as good as the sushi, then Fujiyama Japanese Sushi House will be a winner. The service is good and the atmosphere great for groups. They also do to go orders so you can have your own sushi party in the comfort of your house. Hot sake, wine, beer and other beverages are available for enjoyment with the meal. Fujiyama is well worth a try and a worthy addition to the Meridian dining scene.



Fujiyama Japanese Sushi House

1701 E. Fairview Avenue

Meridian, ID 83642

Phone (208) 629-8624


Photo gallery follows. all photos by Ed Simon for The Boise Beat. 

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