Boise Veterans Day Parade 2017 Salutes Those Who Served

Saluting at the Boise Veterans Day Parade 2017The Boise Veterans Day Parade 2017 on Saturday, November 4 was a salute to those who served, past and present. The best thing to do is let the pictures tell the story of this event and those who celebrate and memorialize this Day.

A large crowd turned out in Downtown Boise for the Boise Veterans Day Parade 2017, both to watch and also to participate. Many Veterans were there to honor themselves and others. Veterans Day, started in 1918 after the World War I Armistice on November 11, is both a time to reflect and also to honor anyone who has served.

Photo Gallery follows. All photos by Terry Welch.

About Terry Welch

Terry is the man-about-town, always finding interesting things in and around Boise for himself and his camera. His photographic work can be seen at his website,
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2 Responses to Boise Veterans Day Parade 2017 Salutes Those Who Served

  1. Diane Centoni says:

    Looks like a beautiful tribute to all Veterans with a large turn out. Congratulations. I viewed this to find a picture of your Grand Marshall who served in the Korean War. Couldn’t find him which is disappointing.

    • Ed Simon says:

      Dianne, we have located the picture of the Grand Marshal and he is now up on the website with the others.

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