Patti Jo’s Country: Emily Tipton, Brook Faulk, Music, a Washboard and Coffee

BrookFaulk, Emily Tipton : Music, a Washboard and Coffee

After meeting Brook Faulk and hearing her beautiful voice and exquisite original song, I was delighted to learn she plays the washboard. 

I went on an internet search and found that the washboard is considered one of the only truly American instruments. 

I love Americans. The fact that we took something designed to wash clothes and figured out how to use it to play music is so – us. It is part of what is now called “Mountain Music” from an era when music was a social activity shared by a community.  

I asked Brook if she had any recordings of her playing the washboard and she told me about Emily Tipton.  They perform as a duo called: SWILLBILLY.

Brook Faulk with washboardBrook Faulk began playing washboard because she wanted to have something to add to the band besides vocals. An antique washboard that had served only as decoration in her home became her percussive instrument. According to Brook, “It is a fun way to add percussion and still dance on stage.”  Besides being an unique and “rootsy” instrument, it engages her audiences.

She says:  “I often get a lot of questions about why I chose it, and how I learned to play.

“The truth is, that I just picked it up one day and started playing it on stage. That’s it. I developed a rhythm at my shows – on the job training. The rhythm I developed playing the metal and wood mountain-music [thing] became a part of the songs in a way it never had before for me, and that rhythm became stuck in my mind. 

“Before long, that new feeling inspired me to pick up my old mandolin that I had bought 10 years or so back. I decided to learn how to play once and for all. That was a year and a half ago, and I can finally say that, although I have far from mastered it, I can play solo with the mandolin or add to a duo with my strumming. I finally feel like I can speak the language of the stringed instrument, all thanks to picking up the washboard. 

“As of late, playing the mandolin has [compelled] me to pick up the elusive guitar and get back at it. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m having a lot of fun trying, and even writing a few songs along the way. 

“The lesson for me has been that it is never too late to learn, grow, and improve your craft. It’s what life is all about!”

The song Brook sent to me was written by Emily Tipton:  a pure fun, entertaining package of talent. 


Emily Tipton with GuitarFrom Emily Tipton:

Though I have always loved music and was in choir all through school, and played piano and started playing guitar at 15, I didn’t start publicly performing until 2013 in Boise, Idaho, at the age of 29. 

“I came to an open mic at Pengilly’s Saloon, where you are allowed to play 3 songs, met a few local musicians and then worked up enough material to play a three-hour gig. I really took off quickly and starting playing at clubs and bars here in Boise. I started writing that year as well and was able to perform in the 2nd year at Treefort Music Festival with 5 original songs. 

“I met Brook about 3 years ago through a mutual friend and fellow musician, Meghan Kelly Waters ( She is a magical Cajon player!) Meghan, told me I had to meet this new-to-town fabulous singer and amazing human being, Brook Faulk.  I saw Brook the first time at Pengillys (You can tell I love that Bar! I even co-host the open mic now) Brook is such a great performer. I reached out to her and we became friends. I started learning her music and she invited me to perform with her at a show.

“We started an all-girl band called ‘Betty’ with a few other ladies in town. We started ‘SWILLBILLY’  together to have a more rocking musical band.  Our cute name is her brain child, though her husband would joke it’s his! 

“Two years ago we did our first tour, and now have done four [tours] together and more to come! We are also in a group called the ‘Last Honkey Tonk Music Series’ which has been a wonderful group to be a part of to travel and meet more musicians.”

I asked Emily about the song we are featuring:

“Why ‘coffee stains’, you ask. I worked in coffee for almost 15 years. One night in a journal ranting of why my current relationship was crap, and validating my thoughts on why I  should leave, I starting writing my ‘Dear John letter’.  I spilt my coffee all over it. I thought, ‘Well isn’t that just perfect! I guess it is more authentic coming with coffee stains!’  I jotted that line down and, a few years later, pulled out the journal and had a good giggle. After that the song wrote itself pretty quickly.”

This is a very fun song because of the style and Emily Tipton‘s great vocals with a light rhythm heard throughout supplied by Brook Faulk playing brushes on the washboard. 


Here are the words to Emily’s Coffee Song

Coffee Song

Words and music by Emily Tipton copyright 2017


It’s more authentic when the paper’s got coffee stains

To write a love song to tell you that you are a drain on me.

It’s too late, too late now, Baby – I said, “It’s too late, too late, Baby


I grabbed my shirts and grabbed my shoes and here it is my walking blues 

And I won’t slow down

Here it is, listen up, you’re not the Joe to fill my cup.

You’re my “Dear John”


‘Cause it’s more authentic when the paper’s got coffee stains 

To write a love song to tell you that you are a drain on me

Now it’s too late, too late, Baby – It’s too late, too late Baby


Well, I know that we had a good time, but you’re not the one for me, Baby. 

‘Cause it’s more authentic when the paper’s got coffee stains

To write a love song to tell you that you are a drain on me

Now it’s too late Baby – It’s too late, too late Baby. 


Brook Faulk and Emily Tipton created an acoustic country-jazz sweetness that is entertaining and pure pro – a gift to the listening audience. Emily’s sultry soulful rock with a dash of Punkabilly flair combined with Brook’s classic country vocals and light jazz rhythms are a sound they refer to as “SWILLBILLY”.

I must share this statement from Brook: “When we aren’t playing as SWILLBILLY duo acoustic style, we like to add a driving drumbeat, washboard, upright bass and more mountain string sounds for some  dance-able, foot-stomping, whimsical fun. It’s a heel-kicking hopscotch of a good time that will leave even the most hardcore honky-tonkers in a whiskey tornado or the appreciative listener in a warm and fuzzy sweater of musical love knit together by wild spins on current and throwback favorites of all genres-as well as sassy original tunes. It’s music for those who like to swill.” 

I looked up the word Swill. A “Swill” is “a large mouthful of drink”. I like that. The word fits with their music and my love of my favorite drink – a beloved Muse – Coffee. When I heard Emily’s song, I remembered a jazzy old song of mine: Hot Coffee.

Something about the blessed beverage inspires me. I have noticed that people who actually LOVE coffee are very specific about how they want you to fix it. It has to be a certain type, a specific roast, a temperature that is neither too hot, nor too cold and in their favorite cup or mug. “Well, you serve it kind of black and you like it just like that – Hot Coffee. You like the way they do it, so strong that you can chew it – Hot Coffee …” Here is my coffee song: Hot Coffee. I truly do LOVE coffee.

Here are the lyrics to sing along:

Hot Coffee

Words and music by Patti Jo Roth-Edwards copyright 2017

Well, you serve it kind of black and you like it just like that

Hot Coffee

You like the way they do it, so strong that you can chew it

Hot Coffee


Hold out your cup and have some more,

If you run out, you’ll have to go to the store for Hot Coffee.

Hot Coffee


If you want a latte just add a little white and steam it

Hot Coffee

The black will turn to tan, it’s a work of art so plan to have Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee

A place to share with your friends, hours go by, it never ends

Until they kick you out and you take it to go, but you’ll be back for mo’

Hot Coffee


Well, it doesn’t keep you awake – Hot Coffee

Drink it all day until the night is late – Hot Coffee

Even your houseplants love the grounds

All the extra goes in the garden on the ground

That’s coffee grounds from Coffee


Only food that goes with coffee goes in your house

Hot Coffee

You’re really not addicted just because you only drink Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee

Water that’s not black is just absurd, what to know what I want, here’s two words:

Hot Coffee, Hot Coffee, Hot Coffee

Hot and black – steamin’.


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