Pozole Soup at Taqueria la Flama in Boise Is Perfect For A Cold, Rainy Day

Nice Chunks of pork in the puzzle at Taqueria la Flama in Boise On a cold, drizzly day, nothing sounded better for lunch than a nice hot bowl of pozole from Taqueria la Flama in Boise, the new Mexican restaurant that is the real thing. As I walked inside, the first thing I noticed was the woman up front making fresh handmade tortillas. Well, this was a very good sign—nothing tastes better than a fresh tortilla hot off la plancha. I saw immediately what I wanted, a bowl of pozole. Pozole is a dish that is perfect for a cold, rainy day. It is part soup and part stew, somewhat spicy, filled with pork and hominy and can be tailored to your individual taste through the toppings that come with it. I placed my order at the counter, sat down and waited for my pozole to be delivered to the table.

Shortly, the steaming bowl of pozole was brought to my table. On the dish with it was one of the traditional accompanying sides, fresh shredded cabbage. Also on the plate were two folded over tortillas like the ones I had just watched them make. Normally, most places serve a few store-bought tostadas shells or chips with the pozole. However, Taqueria la Flama in Boise ups the experience by serving their handmade tortillas folded over a stuffing of creamy potato and then deep fried to a luscious crispness. This was a great start to the meal.

On the side were also the other traditional accompaniments, chopped onion and dried oregano. Tapatio and Cholula hot sauces also were there to up the spiciness if so desired. I added some of everything to taste in the hot bowl and got ready to take the chill off with the warm soup. The crisp onion and cabbage add not only flavor but a crunchy bit of texture to the soft, tender ingredients in the soup. The pork chunks were plentiful, cooked to a nice softness. Some still had the pork skin, bones or cartilage attached, which is actually a good thing, since they add depth of flavor when the broth cooks. They are also a sign that fresh pork is used, a nice touch. There was lots of pork in the soup and lots of hominy. Indeed, it was a sizable bowl and a lot of food.

Around me, others were eating platters of tacos and enchiladas, torta sandwiches, burritos and other Mexican dishes. Mexican music played in the background and in the booth behind me, the diners were talking in Spanish. It was the right atmosphere for the meal and seems that Taqueria la Flama in Boise is quickly becoming a good place for authentic Mexican food. As I finished the last drops of soup in the bowl, my chill was gone and replaced with a nice warm feeling from the delicious soup. Outside, it had begun to drizzle again, but inside Taqueria la Flama in Boise, I was warm and happy from the delicious pozole I had just finished. I was already wondering what my next meal would be the next time I returned for some excellent Mexican food.

Taqueria la Flama

1680 N. Westland Drive

Boise, ID 83704

(208) 639-1816

Taqueria la Flama Facebook Page

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