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Singer, songwriter, poet and published author Susan M. Botich works as a freelance writer for regional and national magazines and business and news publications. 

From the time she was a young child, she always felt drawn to storytelling, with its many forms of sharing the human experience. Along with her love for the written word, Susan M. Botich says she loves songs that tell stories bringing together words and melody to touch the heart of the listener. 

She describes herself in her blog (Susan M. Botich’s blog) as: “… a writer, poet, songwriter and musician.” I became aware of her as I listened to her song “Swayin‘” from her album Dancer as I visited the Indie Music charts of Number One Music.

I am an eccentric, but I tend to prefer acoustic music that creatively blends genres from around the world and throughout time”


Author, Susan M. Botich has written and published two novels that are available in print and audio versions for purchase through Amazon.

THE DREAM STAR is a science-fiction story of a young woman who must turn her back on the accepted beliefs of her people and bravely trust her own sense of what is true about her heritage in order to find the answers to all the questions that have always haunted her regarding her ancestors and the mystery of their origin and sudden disappearance. In doing so, she becomes the luminary for a cultural revolution. 


ENCHANTMENTS, a fantasy verse-novel based on Arthurian myth, is the story of a young woman, half elf and half human, who longs to better understand the nature of human beings, and through journeying out of her native elfin land into human territories, is drawn into the conflicts, rivals, and victories of those who believe in the legend of a king of men who will unite humankind with righteousness and mercy. 



What more interests me are her songs. She has two albums of original songs where she plays the guitar beautifully and sings, adding her own harmonies. Musically, her history is that she began playing guitar and singing in high school for community groups then progressed to pro and performed in various venues throughout the Western United States. Her original songs are a blend of folk, jazz, and acoustic rock. Her albums DANCER, and her EP, PEARL OF MOON, are also available to stream or buy.

You can listen to Susan’s songs on Spotify and YouTube.

Here is her song, SWAYIN’ from Susan M. Botich’s album, DANCER


In April 2017, Susan moved from Bend, Oregon to Sandpoint, Idaho.

She writes of the move:

[We] are now the happy owners of a lovely property with a very quaint (translate: needs a LOT of work!) and charming (translate: funky with a creative flair) log cabin with shop on 4 acres. 

We are still in the moving and fixing up process but we did spend our first night in the cabin a couple of nights ago. This has been the most difficult, challenging, demanding, stressful move ever. We are looking forward to the time when we can just kick back and relax! Maybe next month we will be finished with this move.”

This sounds like the inspiration of a new song, poem or book. Susan and I share the understanding that, it is the story that combines with melody that makes the best song. It is the living of our lives that provide the stories we share through music and the written word.

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