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Christmas in small town America, Emmett, Idaho, features all the traditions of Christmas.

Holiday gatherings, music, decorations and stories are everywhere. This is a predominantly Christian community. There is a life-size Nativity scene set up on one of the church lawns and no thought to make them take it down. This is small town America and the style is Americana.

We are aware of the threat of terrorist attack here thanks to the nightly news. The people of this community are convinced that the answer to crazy people who kill people is trained well-armed sane people.

Here in small town America, the answer to the threat is: Don’t be afraid – Be ready! and Enjoy the Season.

Colorful Christmas lights decorate the window of the little public library across the street. They are ready for Christmas and, just in case some nutcase decides to shoot up the place, they are offering a class. The sweet lady librarians smile, offer gingerbread cookies and ask if you would like to sign up. I am certain they are all armed and prepared just in case, as they put it, “The sh*t hits the fan”. 

In the evening, with fresh snow lighting the road, delicious homemade offerings and conversation welcome the community to the Holiday Potluck and Bazaar. I found myself surrounded by veterans in their 60s and 70s. Three Marines and an Army Sergeant enthusiastically share advice on how to improve their ARs. Their wives exchange stories and laugh about their adventures getting their conceal-carry permits.

There are people who would find this terrifying. They are the misinformed. Those who understand about guns, how to use them, how to maintain them, see guns only as a cherished tool. Yes: cherished. The 82 year old x-Army gray-haired lady eating pumpkin pie at my table is lethal because she is armed. She will not be the victim; the bad guy will be the victim.

Emmett, Idaho, Small Town America‘s response to the news that ISIS may strike during the holiday is what inspired my Christmas song for this year: Pistol Packin’ Santa.

We, in small town America, suspect that it will be the Elite Special Forces hot shot Marine ringing the bell for the Salvation Army at the front of the store that will stop the terrorist at the Mall. It is the Grandma with a gun that will defend the library.

Here in Emmett, nearly all my men friends are veterans and all their wives are armed. I actually feel quite safe. We are happy. We are also aware that what has happened elsewhere in our country may happen here during the season of love and light.

In spite of the threat, I am inspired to write and sing a happy song. My song, Pistol Packin’ Santa, is a Christmas song for 2017. 

Be merry and happy and warm. We are so very blessed and I am grateful to live in a country where we may enjoy the season, put up the Nativity and say “Merry Christmas!” 

What about the poor bad guy? You’re kidding, right?








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Pistol Packin’ Santa

Words and music by Patti Jo Roth-Edwards Copyright 2017

He was a pistol packin’ Santa – he came from Abilene

Nicest guy you ever met without an ounce of mean

Under his red suit he kept a loaded .44

Ringing his bell by the front of the place, right by the door


He had a smile and a kind word for each passer-by

Collected money for the orphans and my oh my

Under the beard and velvet was a hot shot Marine

Elite special forces dressed in camo green


The bad dude didn’t know that the target was not soft

He thought he’d find it easy to get lots of shots off

But when he pulled his long gun out and began to scream

Santa took him down faster then anything


That pistol packin’ Santa is a hero in our town

A man who saved my family Thank God he was around

Sent a bad man to where bad people go

A pistol packin’ Santa with a loaded .44.


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About Patti Jo Roth-Edwards

A lifetime in the Music Business as a working professional Performer, Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist and Producer has brought Patti Jo Roth-Edwards here to settle in Idaho. Consistently at the Top of the Charts on Number One Music, with over 100 songs playing globally over internet radio, Patti Jo’s songs enjoy millions of plays. As a Judge for the Northern California Songwriters’ Association and the California Country Music Association, her knowledge and understanding of music and performance is respected and well-established. Many of her songs are available for download on iTunes and Amazon. In addition to her 5 albums, she has 104 singles available through CDBaby.com.
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