Scrumptious Fresh Chinese Food At Wok Fusion In Meridian

Hunan Pork CU at Wok Fusion in Meridian

Wok Fusion in Meridian is a nice neighborhood Chinese restaurant. Unlike most Chinese restaurants, the menu is not large, but what they have on it is well thought out and provides a nice variety of dishes. The dishes are all a la carte and intended to be shared family-style. As an option, there are also several combinations offered with a smaller portion of the entree, but adding steamed or fried rice, egg flower or hot and sour soup and an eggroll if desired. There is plenty of seating and it was easy enough to bring a group of 10 one night and get a nice table put together.

The hot and sour soup Wok Fusion in Meridian is nicely done, with a nice bite from the white pepper. The balance of hot and sour worked quite well. The won ton soup had plenty of prok and veggies in it and some delicious won tons. As far as appetizers go, the potstickers were some of the biggest I have had, with a delicious filling and fried perfectly.

Entrees at Wok Fusion in Meridian consist of some of the most popular items, with a few surprises. Sweet and Sour Pork is an old Cantonese standard; and at Wok Fusion it was done nicely with nicely battered chunks of tender pork topped with a sauce that was not overly sweet. Mongolian Beef had plenty of beef in it, with a lot of fresh scallions as well as crisp celery and onions in the sauce. There were also plenty of dried red peppers adding a nice kick to the dish. Two unusual dishes that stood out were the Five Spice Tofu with Pork and the Pickled Mustard Fish. The Fish especially is not a common dish and had a nice tang to it with tender bites of tilapia.

Another nice dish was the Hunan Pork, with shredded pork served in a nice spicy sauce. Carrots, cabbage and mushrooms made this a hearty, flavorful dish with nice texture. Salt and Pepper Shrimp were nicely battered, the somewhat spicy sauce on them accentuated by lots of slices of fresh jalapno. Finally, the Cashew Chicken was a mild dish, with nice crunch from plenty of celery as well as the tasty nuts. With a nice mix of heat levels, there is something for everyone at Wok Fusion. There are also several vegetarian dishes available.

One of the nice things about Wok Fusion is that dishes are cooked to order and the ingredients are fresh. It is a nice place to go for lunch or a casual dinner. Wok Fusion in Meridian gives the area a good option for quality Chinese cuisine.

Wok Fusion

3325 N. Ten Mile Road #100

Meridian, ID 83642

(208) 887-7602

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