Today is National Pizza Day—Noi Mangiamo!

National Pizza Day Grimaldi's Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza at Grimaldi’s

National Pizza Day is Friday, February 9. If there was ever a holiday to celebrate with a pizza, National Pizza Day is it. Here’s some of my favorite places. I’m sure you have yours too. Feel free to add yourfavorite Treasure Valley pizza place in the comments section. So go out, grab a pizza or just a slice and your beverage of choice and Noi Mangiamo! (Let’s eat!).

White (no sauce) slice at Guido’s

Guido’s in Boise makes them New York Style and serves them by the slice. Basic pizza but oh so good! The Beat wrote about it here.

Grimaldi’s in Meridian is an outpost of one of the most famous of the New York pizzerias. They do theirs in a brick coal-oven. The pizza comes out with a crisp, slightly charred crust that is simply delicious.

Tony’s Pizzeria Teatro in Downtown Boise has a lot of people who swear by it as being the best pizza in Boise. A great place to go when heading to the Egyptian Theatre or an event at BSU.

Calzone from Gino’s

Gino’s in Meridian uses a brick oven to create tasty pizzas and calzones with a delicious, slightly charred crust. Great atmosphere and a nice location for those who want pizza and a great choice of adult beverages. Read more about Gino’s here.

Pizzachik makes a delicious pizza and is a fun place to go. Their New York style pizzas are a good choice, especially washed down with some good local beers. The Boise Beat wrote about it here.

Chicago Connection bucks the thin-crust trend with their substantial Phicago-style deep-dish pizzas. With plenty of locations in the Treasure Valley, they are well worth a try if you want s nice deep-dish pie.

Ultimate Pizza from Smoky Mtn. Pizza

Smoky Mountain Pizza is a great family place for pizza, especially since the kids can make their own pizzas. The thin, flavorful pies are topped with a wide variety of dlicious toppings. Several locations mean you can find them in much of Southern Idaho. Read what the Boise Beat said about it here.

Blue Tiger Pizza in Meridian is the hot new kid in town. Classic pizzas like Margherita and pepperoni share the menu with wild ones such as Fungus Amongus (truffle oil marinated mushrooms) and Jungle Pie (artichoke hearts, smoked chicken and more. The reviews so far seem to be good—–it bears checking out.

So grab the gang and go out for a pizza. It’s OK to eat it—-it’s a holiday!

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