Tranquility Greets Autumn at Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise

A nice walk at Kathryn Albertson Park
“Come Away, o human child.”
Kathryn Albertson Park is a real Boise gem, as it welcomes photographers, strollers, bird watchers, and those seeking a bit of tranquil solitude. Her pathways lead in and around her profound Fall colors, and the deep blue ponds beckon one to sit on one of the dozens of benches–they are waiting just for you.
A tranquil lake at Kathryn albertsons Park
If you have a quick eye and a youthful gaze, you might even spy one of the parks residents–a solid black rabbit who asks all visitors for a treat.
 Walking along the water at Kathryn albertsons Park.
In this park, all paths lead to the very thing you’ve been searching for. So take some time and give yourself away to the Fall colors, the breeze, and the tranquility of Kathryn Albertson Park.
Fall colors in the park
All photos taken at Kathryn Albertson Park by Terry Welch. 
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Patti Jo’s Country: Idaho Songwriters Write to Unite

Patti Jo At Home, Write to Unite

Patti Jo Roth-Edwards at home in Emmett, Idaho

Often, I am nagged awake by an inspiration that compels me to write.  Since taking on the writing of this column, I have become enthusiastically interested in discovering other artists and listening to their songs.  Themes occur to me and I am pushed to write – to create articles to share what and whom I have discovered. ‘Write to Unite’ are the words that inspired this week’s column.

From the President to the pulpit, the call ‘Write to Unite as a country is growing and being taken up by millions of Americans inspired and motivated by tragedies both natural and man-made.

A Country star, Jason Aldean was on stage during the Las Vegas Massacre. After the event as the bodies were still being identified, he came out with a unifying message.  Aldean said:  “You can be sure that we’re going to walk through these tough times together, every step of the way.  Because when America is at its best, our bond and our spirit – it’s unbreakable.” 

The passion of this growing movement is undeniable.To ‘Write to Unite’ is exciting.

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Mr. Wok in Boise Serves Korean Cuisine to Warm Your Soul

Seafood Soon Tofu Soup, Ban Chan and spicy Pork Bulgogi at Mr. Wok in BoiseMr. Wok in Boise is one of a handful of Korean restaurants in the Treasure Valley. Korean food is known for two things—-their love of BBQ and their love of ban chan, which are basically appetizers/side dishes. Korean BBQ is cooked a few different ways at different restaurants. At Mr. Wok, they grill the food in the kitchen and bring it to you on a sizzling platter. The meat is coated in a delicious BBQ sauce and served with rice. Not unlike American BBQ, the sauce is a little sweet, a little sour and can be mild or hot. It is a way of cooking that is well worth trying if you would like to see what BBQ is like on the other side of the ocean.

Kim chi closeupShortly after you sit down in Mr. Wok’s tastefully decorated dining room, your ban chan is served. Seven small dishes are presented, containing items such as a tender Korean pancake, spicy kimchi, pickled eggs, pickled cucumbers and more. Some people eat them as appetizers while others will eat them along with the main course—it’s all your choice. The Korean pancake is especially delicious, filled with slivers of green onion and very tasty. The kimchi and the cucumbers give a nice kick to the meal, two contrasting types of vegetables that really do build the appetite. Kimchi of course is the Korean fermented cabbage, of which there are infinite types made. One taste and you’ll be hooked on it with its spicy, tart flavor. Continue reading

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Johnny Echols of ‘Love Revisited’ Talks About The 60’s and His Musical Life

John Echols on Stage with Love Revisited

Johnny Echols knew from a young age that he loved music. When he was young, his parents, along with his childhood friend Arthur Lee’s parents, moved to Los Angeles where both kid’s parents were teachers. Shortly after that, a neighbor started giving young Johnny guitar lessons and a life-long odyssey bagan. By the time Johnny reached Dorsey High School, friend Arthur had taken up the organ and they started a band. Arthur Lee wanted to spend more time singing, so fellow Dorsey classmate Billy Preston joined the group. By 1963, Johnny had traveled to England as guitarist for Little Richard’s band. When he returned, Arthur Lee and Johnny formed the group ‘Love’, acknowedged as one of the best bands to come out of Los Angeles, one of the creators of L.A.’s psychedelic rock sound and a group who Jim Morrison of the Doors listed as one of his favorite bands.

Their influence has spread to such punk groups as Jesus and Mary Chain, while The Damned have honored ‘Love’ and covered their tunes. Songs like Seven and Seven Is, Little Red Book, Can’t Explain and She Comes in Colors have earned a solid place in American music. One of their albums, Forever Changes, is on Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and has also been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Throughout the years, several of the members have died including Arthur Lee, who passed away from acute myeloid leukiemia in 2006. Johnny Echols has weathered the storms, looking trim and happy though these days as he still performs with the group ‘Love Revisited‘. I recently attended a concert and there I sat down with with Johnny, where ‘Love Revisited’ had just played to a crowd that obviously was loving every second of the music.

Q: Johnny, how, after playing those songs for so many years, do you keep them fresh?

A: Well, because they are good songs, number one and we enjoy playing them. But recently, we haven’t played them that often; a couple gigs a month, sometimes fewer, so basically the songs are fresh and now. Because when you’re on the road and you play them every single night you kind of want to switch them up since we’ve got a pretty good catalog of songs that we do. So when we’re on the road every night we’ll switch the songs up, sometimes Rusty will sing the song or I’ll sing the lead. We’ll do things like that to change it up so everyone is kind of on top of it and you don’t ever feel like you know everything. Sometimes you want to stretch a little bit; like one night Rusty does it and the next night I do it. We’re always stretching, always reaching!

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Boise Fry Company Gives You Your Potatoes of Choice; Beer And Burgers Too

Russet Potato Fries Closeup at Boise Fry CompanyThe Boise Fry Company is one of those places you might take for granted, as much a part of the landscape as say the Boise River. And just like the river, we need to float on by once in a while just to remind ourselves of one of the things that made Boise famous—-potatoes. The Boise Fry Company has made it their mission to let people enjoy not just one type of potato, but seven types. That in itself is a good reason to go there once in a while; to enjoy not only standard russet fries, but unique types like Yukon Gold, Laura, Purple and Okinawa potatoes. It’s also a good reason to go with friends, to share several different types and enjoy them all. Of course, the BFC doesn’t stop there; they also make some delicious Yam fries and Sweet Potato fries. That in itself is an interesting comparison, since people usually tend to assume they are one and the same even though they are not.

Blueberry Ketchup Fry SauceSince potatoes are a seasonal item, they tend to change some of their types to suit. The same thing with the potato cuts at the Boise Fry Company, which can be either regular, homestyle (steak fries), shoestring or several other cuts. It doesn’t end there, though—-there is a whole buffet of different fry sauces, including ketchup, aioli, spicy ketchup and several others. The one to definitely try though is their signature Blueberry Ketchup. This sauce is absolutely delicious, almost a tart-sweet sauce that goes extremely well with any of the fries. Continue reading

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Sterling’s Idaho Pix: Room With A View at Rose Lake

Campers on the dock at Rose Lake

Early Friday morning campers find an ideal spot to place their tent. The view at the lake is foggy, but beautiful. The fog is just starting to break, getting ready to reveal another beautiful autumn day at the water’s edge. Soon the fishermen will be out, but for now, the fish are still asleep and the tranquil look of the lake’s surface is unblemished.

Taken at Rose Lake, Northern Idaho, by Sterling Bingham for The Boise Beat on Friday, October 6th, 2017.

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Patti Jo’s Country: Idahoan Note to Mass Murderers – Shoot Yourself First

jack Loyd Gish and guitarSomething tells me that this may offend some. To others this is music to their ears.
I first became aware of Jack Loyd Gish from my Facebook Page and the Idaho Songwriters Association.  It was by accident that I heard this song.
To the Lunatic Fringe is the perfect song for this time as the flags fly at half-staff honoring the victims of the worst mass murder in US history: the Las Vegas Massacre.
As expected, there is a renewed push for gun control and there are millions of Americans pushing back to protect the Right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.
What I love most about Americans, especially Country/Folk songwriters, is their ability to create songs that comfort and encourage, but also to lighten a truly heinous event with sardonic humor. We are angry. Stories in song can express the anger and communicate the inner unspoken thoughts of the silent frustrated masses. I love the stories and the storytellers.
Enter Idaho Singer-Songwriter, Jack Loyd Gish.

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Paddles Up Poké in Boise Offers Delicious Fresh Ingredients Hawaiian Style

PokPaddles Up Poké in Boise Bowl with Yellowtail, tuna and shrimpmp at Paddles Up Poké in Boise

Walk down any street in Hawaii and you’ll find a poké place just like Paddles Up Poké in Boise. Boise doesn’t have as many poké shops as Hawaii does, but they do have Paddles Up Poké. Convenient to businesses, the Idaho Statehouse, shops and the Egyptian Theatre, Paddles Up Poké is a great place to try poké, a casual place for a light lunch or a more substantial dinner. So what is poké (pronounced po-kay) anyways? It’s very simple—it is raw fish (or cooked shrimp or tofu), sometimes marinated, served on a bed of rice (or mixed greens and other choices) with an assortment of toppings and sauces. You go up to the order counter, tell them whether you want a small or large bowl and choose from the many options they have. It’s easy and creates an ‘Ono (delicious in Hawaiian) meal tailored to your tastes. Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: What You Could Be Watching This Weekend (Horses, Whales and Ghouls Edition)

They Shoot Horses Don't They graphicThey Shoot Horses Don’t They?” (1969, Kino Lorber) A cross-section of desperate types take part in a Depression Era-dance marathon on the Santa Monica Pier, hoping to reverse their downturned fortunes with the prize money. Among them are hard-bitten would-be starlet Jane Fonda and drifter Michael Sarrazin; aging sailor Red Buttons; starving Oakies Bruce Dern and Bonnie Bedelia; and faded actress Susannah York, each of whom endure more than a month of near-non-stop dancing, with occasional breaks for brutal “derbies,” while seedy, tragic MC Gig Young and a goggle-eyed audience egg them on. Based on the novel by Horace McCoy, this grim drama from Sydney Pollack earned eight Oscar nominations, including a Supporting Actor win for Young; it remains one of the bleakest commentaries on human nature ever put on film, and entirely relevant in an era steeped in voyeuristic television, celebrity shaming and winning any race at any cost. Performances are uniformly excellent, especially Young and Fonda, who remade their careers with their brittle performances, but also Buttons, a heartbreaking Bedelia and Sarrazin, whose fine work in the ’70s seems forgotten today. Kino’s Blu-ray includes two commentary tracks ported over from the 1996 laserdisc: one with Pollack and the other compiled from interviews with Fonda, Buttons, Bedelia, Sarrazin and producers Irwin Winkler and Michael Baum. A making-of featurette, which shows Pollack putting forward as much physical effort as his actors in rehearsing the derby run, and the theatrical trailer round out the set.

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Friday Night Concert: Kiss In The Makeup Years

Travel back in time with us to the pre-cable and VCR days when rock bands could only ever be briefly glimpsed on TV late on Friday nights, and if you were lucky, you might get to see a full show. Every week, I will be posting the kind of show that would have made me excited to stay up past 11, at some time between 1976 and 1984. So have a cup of coffee, eat some sugar, connect the audio output of your TV to your hi-fi system and play this Youtube video LOUD!

There may not have been much music on television during my childhood in the seventies, but any time it WAS on, Kiss was as likely as anybody to be a part of it.  They took the visual medium seriously, quite early on. The top posted clip is their first appearance on American TV in 1974, opening with a song that addresses the topic, “How do I convince my girlfriend to try it in the butt?” The visuals include a cutaway to what I believe is a still photograph of fireworks going off. Let it be said that they made the most of both a low-budget situation and a high-budget one in those days.

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