In Search Of: Finger Steaks at Zimm’s Burger Stache in Boise

Inside of finger steak at Zimm's Burger Stache in Boise

A chance stop led me to Zimm’s Burger Stache in Boise for a late lunch. While my dining companion ordered the Lou Brown Burger, a nice burger topped with jalapeños, bacon and pepper jack cheese, my eyes immediately caught the sign for “hand-battered finger steaks”. Having developed a taste for the little bits of beefy goodness, I immediately ordered a combo. The combo offered a choice of fries or “tater gems”, a cup of cole slaw and a drink. We sat down and waited for the food to be delivered.

Shortly thereafter, the food came to the table. The Lou Brown Burger, ordered with a substitution side of onion rings, was nice-looking and of a good size. The jalapeños and pepper jack cheese added a nice zing, while of course anything is better with bacon.The onion rings were crisp and tasted good. Zimm’s Burger Stache in Boise has built a reputation on their handcrafted burgers and the Lou Brown was certainly a tasty choice. The jalapeño ranch sauce it came with added a nice touch of cooling and heat at the same time, 

The finger steaks were on the unusual side. Instead of the usual strips of beef, these were chunks battered and fried. The beef was fairly tender and the batter was cooked until it had a nice crust on it. Hot right out of the fryer, they went well with a cool dip in the container of cocktail sauce that came on the side. It was a tasty cocktail sauce with a nice horseradish kick to it. The “tater gems” (tater tots to the rest of us) were interesting, cooked to a nice crisp for a great crunch. Fry sauces and dipping sauces were available for them, but the cocktail sauce paired really well with them. The crunch and creamy center made these “gems” a real standout.

Zimm’s Burger Stache in Boise also prides themselves on their shakes; and the Black Raspberry Shake did not disappoint. Creamy, with lots of berry flavor, there were plenty of crunchy seeds from the black raspberries to add nice texture to the shake. The shake alone is enough reason to visit Zimm’s Burger Stache regularly. Of course, with chicken strips, fish and chips, plenty of burgers and sandwiches—even a few vegetarian burger choices—-Zimm’s Burger Stache in Boise makes a nice place to stop for a fresh, casual meal.



Zimm’s Burger Stache
10889 W Fairview Ave
Boise, ID 83713

Phone: (208) 514-3800

Zimm’s Burger Stache Website

Zimm’s Burger Stache Facebook Page

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